Registry of the Court

The Registry supports the administration of the Court. You can go to the Registry to file forms, pay fees, deliver documents and collect transcripts. The Registry can give you information about the results and progress of Court matters. Some of these things can also be done over the phone, by post or online.

The registrar is the head of the Registry and makes sure it functions well. The registrar also performs quasi-judicial functions such as conducting directions hearings and mediations.

The Land and Environment Court Registry also offers the following facilities to members of the public.

  • Meeting rooms (please call ahead to book)
  • A public access computer terminal with internet
  • A photocopier (there is a charge for copies)
  • Disabled toilet

Hours of operation

The Registry office is located on Level 4 of 225 Macquarie Street Sydney and is open between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday. For those wishing to observe a hearing of the Court, it is recommended that you check the Court List to ascertain the approximate start time.

Read about what Registry staff can and can't do.

At the Land and Environment Court Registry
Image: At the Land and Environment Court Registry
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