Class 2 and 3: Strata Scheme Development Proceedings

Proccedings in Class 2 and 3 inlcude strata scheme developement proceedings

To find out how cases under the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015 (NSW) in Classes 2 and 3 are started and dealt with by the Land and Environment Court, click on the below link:

Various proceedings can be brought to the Land and Environment Court under the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015 (NSW).

They include:

In Class 2 of the Court's jurisdiction:

In Class 3 of the Court's jurisdiction:

Practice and procedure

The Court has published a formal document that sets out the process and requirements for Strata Development Act proceedings.  This is called the Practice Note – Strata Schemes Development Proceedings. (PDF , 115.5 KB)

The Practice Note explains the steps that need to be undertaken before the first directions hearing, at the first directions hearing, at conciliation, before and at the final hearing, and the evidence that might be given at the hearing.

Strata scheme development
Image: Strata scheme development
In 2019, four strata scheme matters were finalised
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